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System Requirements

You just need a web server with PHP support.

  • PHP v5.3 or higher.
  • PHP module mbstring for full UTF-8 support.
  • PHP ZipArchive OR unzip before send files (more than 2 files).

Note: If you have a problem with your server path, edit the header.php and install.php file, and change PATH_ROOT constant.
if (!defined('PATH_ROOT')) define('PATH_ROOT', __DIR__.DS); or if (!defined('PATH_ROOT')) define('PATH_ROOT', './');

Installing Flatboard (New Method with Flatboard Unpack)

  1. Download the latest version from
  2. Extract the archive.
  3. Upload and index.php to your server/hosting.
  4. Visit your domain
  5. Follow the Flatboard Unpack & the Installer to configure your website.

Why did you send the archived file?
Simply to save time and be sure that all the files will be present on your server with the right writes, even if the verification is done during the installation process.
And maybe it's cooler like this 😃.

Installing Flatboard

  1. Download the latest version from
  2. Extract the archive and
  3. Upload all files in the directory flatboard to your server/hosting (ignore the index.php file).
  4. Visit your domain
  5. Follow the Flatboard Installer to configure the website.

Update guide

  1. Backup your data/ folder manually or with the Backup plugin.
  2. Replace all files with your favorite FTP Client.
  3. Delete all files stocked in data/plugin folder and go to your plugins page to activate your plugins again..
  4. Delete the theme/YourTheme/cache/ folder.
  5. Go to the configuration page to set and save the new settings brought by the update.
  6. Visit your domain
  7. That all!

Post format

Since Flatboard v1.0, it is now possible to choose between the BBcode or Markdown format, so the editor changes according to the choice. Be careful however, this choice will be made at the beginning of installation, it will not be possible to change there after without having traces in the discussions because the syntax is different.

Post preview

To preview your message, simply click on the send button without inserting the response captcha code.

Anonyme user / unique identity

With Flatboard it is possible to send messages anonymously, to do this simply leave the field blank username and Flatboard generate a user hash.
But if you wish to have a unique identity, you must insert your username followed by a hash (#) and your password is encrypted and truncated.
Example: Pseudo#MyPassword
Become: Pseudo#a52d7

Custom Avatar

To add a custom avatar, simply replace the # in the case of a unique identity by a _ and not have a space in the name of your .png image.  Example: My Pseudo#MyPassword
Become: MyPseudo_a52d7.png 

And upload your picture in uploads/avatars folder.

╰☆╮Flatboard╰☆╮ is a open source and community contributions are essential to project success!

Update: Juin 14, '17