TODOLIST for 1.0.6

TODOLIST for 1.0.6
Fred#f8768 Sunday 3rd January 2015, 18:27:10

Changelog v1.0.6 - Release date: 20XX-XX-XX
* 💢Update Parsedown lib (Properly support fenced code block infostring)
[+] 💢 Security: Parsedown escaping user-input within the HTML.
[+] Microtime Diff -- Calculate loadin time Flatboard (TIMESTAMP => true or false).

Changelog v1.0.5 - Release date: 2018-02-25
* [+] Added picture size BBcode (simply resize picture in BBcode editor).
* [+] Disable copy and paste into password form (security attempt).
* [+] Adding support for the creation of forums in the template, inserting a link to it.
* 💢Fix BBcode language in editor plugin. (thx Roger Nounours)
* 💢Fix French typo. (thx Simon & Roger Nounours)
* [+] Video & 💢Fix video TAG for BBcode editor.
* [+] New option to set the default homepage. (kreativmind suggest)

Changelog v1.0.4 - Release date: 2017-12-22
* 💢Fix youtube BBcode regex. (thx Alexander)
* Cleaning of exhaust in the TAGS and remove read more link (The link in the title is enough).
* 💢Fix english typo. (thx YoheiSato)
* [+] Added Dailymotion BBcode (#2017-11-17164937a4237)

Changelog v1.0.3 - Release date: 2017-10-24
* 💢Fix user trip with the new @ separator on blog.
* [+] Add enctype in API form for feature upload file form
* Organize admin menu and lang pack
* Minimize quote.
* [+] Add memory server usage and CPU load in Dashboard
* 💢Fix field date in configuration for custom it. (thx Alexander)

Changelog v1.0.2 - Release date: 2017-08-22
* [+] Extend search page (author, title, content and tags).
* [+] Add search all posts authors in avatar pop-up.
* [+] Add started discussion date on last posts in index.
* [+] Add homepage link in breadcrumb.
* [+] Add 🇩🇪 German translation (contribution by @Michael and Alexander, thank!).
* [+] Add option to protect identity by Tags (idea by @hmmy)
* [+] Replace # hashtag by @ for unique user (UserName@Password).
* 💢Fix "A non well formed numeric value" for block IP's
* 💢Fix clean css cache in config.
* 💢Fix select class in API form
* [-] Identicon plugin reduction with support of the @ sign.
* Retouch index and view php file style.
* Code clean-up.

Changelog v1.0.1 - Release date: 2017-06-29
* 💢Fix atom feeds if forum is private. Feeds access is now forbidden if not logged (28/06/2017).
* Some templates change & optimizations (27/06/2017).
* [+] BLOG (23/06/2017).
New blog.php file with new parameter. Select a forum in configuration to get your blog link in sidebar and display the blog page! The number of display is the same parameter to the rest of pagination forum.
* [+] Icons picker based on Font Awesome. (It will be necessary to save again the forum)
* [+] Last post date in forum category list (22/06/2017).
* Tag manager improvement (22/06/2017).
* 💢Fix order last post in forums list (22/06/2017).
* 💢Fix old forum category name fallback.
* 💢Fix ajax scrolling in index (24/06/2017).
* Fast form topic and reply only (add forum in other page for support icon picker).

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Fred#f8768  Saturday 16th January 2016, 17:54:17

Update list!

hmmy  Saturday 16th January 2016, 23:18:45

Ban system needed! Maybe let admin track all posts by IP? And maybe delete all posts by ip

Also post permissions on forum (so you can make an announcements fprum for admin to post only)

Add avatars on index like flarum

Fred#f8768  Sunday 17th January 2016, 09:39:03

Ok i finish to integrate this system wink
Do you have a great source feature for ban ip?

7bbd7  Sunday 17th January 2016, 22:59:30

  yea see admin.cgi on

Fred#f8768  Tuesday 2nd February 2016, 12:08:55

  I think i'm found a good automatic ban system ([Blackhole]( i try this on this server and wait for see is good.
Report post is ready here,
I have the `mail()` function of this hosting but it is disabled. I view the report boutton only if `mail()` exists, I can not know if it is active by cons. sad

hmmy  Tuesday 2nd February 2016, 19:52:27

  Picture please!

Fred#f8768  Tuesday 2nd February 2016, 21:17:45

Picture on what?

hmmy  Tuesday 2nd February 2016, 22:02:01

  What the report function looks like on your end