First online preview of FlatBoard



Fred#f8768 Sunday 3rd January 2015, 18:28:59

First online preview of FlatBoard

Hi all!

I stared a new project of bulletin board community script tongue
**FlatBoard**, a very **Fast & Lightweight** forum software.
### Powerful Formatting
Markdown is supported out of the box, with a live preview. The formatting system is extensible too.

### Localization
Flatboard interface is fully translatable. We're working to ensure that every language gets first-class treatment with plurals, genderization, and more.

### Storage
FlatBoard wants the mobile and transportable, the data are stored in a single folder and sub folders in php files in json format..

### Privacy
**FlatBoard don't store any personal account data** if **you publish anonymous** with a automatic random hash.

For use a personnal limited account, is easy.
In user field, just write your username and just after insert **#** and your password.
*Example:* **Username#MyPassword**.

Try it => [FlatBoard v.0.6 Beta](./download.php) (673ko)
**All feedback will be appreciated to improve FlatBoard!**
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