Pagination on New page

Pagination on New page
d2235 Sunday 17th January 2016, 23:03:23


How would you add pagination to the new / font page?

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Fred#f8768  Monday 18th January 2016, 21:51:14

No pagination in homepage, because a lot information is loaded.
In Flat files is this very great, last threads in homepage is limited at 8.
If you add more i think use more performance....
Flatboard is for small project, if you want more get a SQL solution wink

6e6a6  Wednesday 27th January 2016, 21:32:00

  Any chance of posting a code to get pagination on front/new page?

Fred#f8768  Wednesday 27th January 2016, 22:13:44

  No problem, but the result in homepage is bugy.
Try with, rename to index.php

33f9f  Thursday 28th January 2016, 18:42:13

  This worked. Thank you Fred. Do you have the code to add the avatars to the index page I am editing the template to make it look like posts, but every time I add in the *profile* piece of the code it breaks.

Fred#f8768  Monday 1st February 2016, 19:35:39

Tha avatar is now natively integrate to Flatboard (plugin).

Fred#f8768  Monday 8th February 2016, 15:07:52

OK pagination is fixed in homepage, now just scroll in bottom for infinite scroll pagination on 5 page.
For more, click the appear button.
Wait the next version for this feature.

9ca6f  Monday 8th February 2016, 16:22:31

  This works just on page 5? Or on all pages now? (inifite scroll)

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