Loading CSS in Localhost

Loading CSS in Localhost
Abdulhalim Sunday 13th March 2016, 12:10:32

Hello ,

First of all i want to congratulate , this is good looking forum :-)
So , i download and install your product in localhost , but it does not loud CSS file !


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hmmy  Sunday 13th March 2016, 17:15:56

I had similar problem.
1- Go to:`view-source:http://flatboard.free.fr/theme/kube/cache/style.min.css?ver=0.7.7_Beta`
2- Press control + s (to save)
3- Go to your localhost
4- Create cache folder in this dir `theme/kube/cache/`
5- Save the file into that folder

Abdulhalim  Sunday 13th March 2016, 17:27:00

I have this cache file in right place , anyway i did it as you said but i have same result , CSS does not loaded

Fred#f8768  Sunday 13th March 2016, 23:46:22

  The file is empty or not?
New version of Flatboard back very soon for fix some bugs (cross the fingers big_smile).

Abdulhalim  Monday 14th March 2016, 02:23:23


Nope ! file is OK , just loading forum without reading CSS , maybe this is about my localhost problem .

Fred#f8768  Monday 14th March 2016, 09:16:38

  Can you put the line with the path of the css file in your source code Flatboard?

Abdulhalim  Monday 14th March 2016, 10:22:52

I didn't catch ! which line and which source code ?
could you point me the exact files

Fred#f8768  Tuesday 15th March 2016, 07:54:10

  Ex here:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="./theme/kube/cache/core.min.css?ver=0.7.7_Beta" />

Try new release.

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