Fred#f8768 Monday 14th March 2016, 00:11:54

This plugin allows you to save your data from your site, and offers to download, restore or delete an archive which is stored in a separate Flatboard folder.

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2016/03/14 - Version 1.0.2:
* New manage file UI
2016/03/14 - Version 1.0:
* Initial version
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Fan#17562  Tuesday 26th April 2016, 22:08:06

Hi, I'm on a free ATSPACE.COM space, this plugin won't work for me. The backup file was not created when I click on the "make backup" button (I checked with filezila). The backup appears on the page, but when I click "download", I get 404.

In backup.dat.php the backup_folder is set to .../mysite/flatboardbackups

But the download button tries to reach .../mysite/flatboard/backups

So I created the flatboardbackups folder manually with filezila. Now the backup file is created, but I can't download it directly with the download button (I can do it with filezila, though).

Hope it helps you, I'm not good at reporting bugs...

I'm in love with Flatboard!

Fred#f8768  Tuesday 26th April 2016, 23:26:33

  Sorry, I forget to update the archive since the new version of Flatboard.
Download again this has been fixed!

Fan#17562  Wednesday 27th April 2016, 00:05:16

Works perfectly. Thank you so much!

Fred  Tuesday 22nd August 2017, 08:50:36

Backup update, read first post.

Before ask a question, read the documentation.
Sorry I'm busy right now
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