FlatBoard v0.8.3

FlatBoard v0.8.3
Fred#f8768 Wednesday 25th May 2016, 11:49:19

**v0.8.3** Release date: 2017-03-24
Download: [flatboard.7z (788 ko)](download.php?file=flatboard_latest.7z)

#### Changelog 0.8.3
* Fix assets path for installer *(css broken if browser refresh)*.
* Update SimpleMDE plugin *(v1.11.2)*.
* Fix compatibility with PHP 7.1 *(blank content)*.
* Littles 🐞 bugs fixe.

#### Changelog 0.8.1
* Added new captcha system.
* Added new constante for internationnal phrases. => init.php define('TIMESTAMP', FALSE) for french example.
* Plugins updates.
* More languages fixe (Thank Katryne fore more feedbacks!)
* More 🐞 bugs fixe.

#### Changelog 0.8.2
* Added reload code image in captcha system.
* Added replys indentation
* Fixed report thread/reply link in email.
* New plugin Identicon (More fast).
* Fix search error 404 link ([#6](https://github.com/Fred89/flatboard/issues/6) thx AlexL777)
* More 🐞 bugs fixe.

#### Update note
Please read the [docs guide](view.php/plugin/page/p/docs) for update.
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Fred#f8768  Tuesday 14th June 2016, 18:02:11

For fixed the bug search, [copy this content](http://flatboard.free.fr/search.txt) in your search.php and save it!
Thank you **AlexL777** for this issue [#6](https://github.com/Fred89/flatboard/issues/6).

Fred#f8768  Friday 24th March 2017, 19:33:37

After a long time without news, I am delighted to announce a major update to compatibility issues with PHP 7.
Good day and good installation or update of **FlatBoard** v0.8.3.