Show your Flatboard Forum projects :)

Show your Flatboard Forum projects :)
Alexander Liebrecht Sunday 23rd April 2017, 12:52:37

Hello dear flatboard community,

I have been a flatboard user for quite some time and have implemented a flatboard installation on a subdomain at

I would be interested in your projects and what you have already done for flatboard forums.

You can also link your forum here or post a screenshot.

I am looking forward to an interesting exchange with you.

Greetings, Alexander

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Fred  Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 23:40:54

Good idea Alex,
This will make the project known to future Flatboard users big_smile.

Before ask a question, read the documentation.
Please like in 👍🏻
╰☆╮Flatboard╰☆╮ is a open source and community contributions are essential to project success!

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Diplo  Thursday 27th July 2017, 12:52:38

It is a very small personnal project dedicated to my passion, but I'm very happy to use Flatboard as forum to try to  give some interest to people arround it:
Djinn 22

AlexanderLiebrecht  Thursday 27th July 2017, 15:12:11


Your board looks good, even if I can not understand French. But I can speak Russian, some English and German wink

So all flatboard users can show their forums here and you can chat.

The solution with the creation of separate topics you have realized well. So I did it and do it after every flatboard update, because the sidebar.tpl.php is overwritten every time.

Of course you can omit this one file and simply do not upload it. Then it should work.

029624f3  Friday 28th July 2017, 16:30:29

I would use CSS vs Images for styling your tags.