[SOLVED]-Tag not worked v1.0 beta 3 Fresh-Update

solved-Tag not worked v1.0 beta 3 Fresh-Update
Alexander Liebrecht Wednesday 26th April 2017, 17:21:36

Hi Developers,

I just saw the new flatboard version and made an update. Unfortunately, I do not see the BBCode "blockquote" in the editor and the post does not work the quote yet.

What am I doing wrong? Please look at the bottom of the post at https://flatboard.wpzweinull.ch/view.php/topic/2017-04-261712523ed2b. Thank you! Maybe I forget the whole thing a detail why it does not work.

By the way thanks for the update and the RSS plugin, which works well smile
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Fred#f8768  Wednesday 26th April 2017, 23:17:36

Hi Alexander,
Erf I really do not want to add this blockquote lol smile
You can download the archive again, it's fixed.
Still sorry for the inconvenience.

Is it possible to contribute to the German translation?
Thank in advance.

Alexander Liebrecht  Thursday 27th April 2017, 11:35:49

Hi @Admin,

Thank you for your quick response and fixing the dowload. The citations are now displayed correctly.

Unfortunately, my English skills are not sufficient to translate the forum into German. Cool it would surely already.

I already contribute something to the familiarity of Flatboard and report on my main blog https://internetblogger.de and also in the discussion forums of me.

Maybe someone will find someone who can help with translation into German.

Fred#f8768  Thursday 27th April 2017, 13:32:58

Ok no problem for the translation.
Thank you for your feedback.

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