How do Tags work? Filterable in future realeases?

How do Tags work? Filterable in future realeases?
4e2d9e Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 20:25:04

Hi Fred, how do tags work currently?  Any plans to have them fulterable in the future? So I can filter and see all solved topics is an example

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Fred#3c4613  Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 23:38:51

Actually the tag work with a simple parser text title, e.g: [SOLVED] My title, [PLUGIN] My Plug.
Place anywhere in title post, you have a example in lib/Parser.lib.php
    public static function title($string)
 global $lang;
 $string = str_replace(array('[SOLVED]','[solved]'), '<span class="label success upper outline">' .$lang['solved']. '</span>', $string);
 $string = str_replace(array('[PLUGIN]','[plugin]'), '<span class="label focus">Plugin</span>', $string);
 $string = str_replace(array('[TRANSLATION]','[translation]'), '<span class="label black">Translation</span>', $string);
 $string = str_replace(array('[FRENCH]','[french]'), '<img src="./uploads/flags/fr.png" alt="German Flag">', $string);
 $string = str_replace(array('[GERMAN]','[german]'), '<img src="./uploads/flags/de.png" alt="German Flag">', $string);
 $string = str_replace(array('[THEME]','[theme]'), '<span class="label warning">Theme</span>', $string);
 return $string;

No filter scheduled for now and I do not know if its will be.

056853  Sunday 7th May 2017, 19:07:40

  any plan to add the ability to add tags from admin editing post?  Think this would be useful. 

Fred#3c4613  Monday 8th May 2017, 11:15:02

This is not planned at the moment, sorry.

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