New Flatboard UI

New Flatboard UI
Fred#3c4613 Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 23:56:09

Hi, flatboard users.
I work on the redesign of the UI Flatboard, so the user experience is better portability (tablet, smartphone ...).

Here are some screenshots (click to enlarge):

What do you think?

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063e64  Thursday 4th May 2017, 07:52:30

It looks good how it is now. 

58853d  Thursday 4th May 2017, 18:25:45

I like the ---reply-- element of it.  Think some of the stuff is backways, like page views and such should be under the title.  Also, i really like how the forums are color coded right now.  Look at the comments here: Comment Example-- would be nice 

Fred#3c4613  Friday 5th May 2017, 15:07:41

  Look the last screenshot, It's a bit of what you propose 😉.

0a4942  Sunday 7th May 2017, 19:00:50

  looks good Fred, the name should have admin style on all pages

Fred#3c4613  Monday 8th May 2017, 20:12:29

If you want to test the live demo and report the bugs there.

199d69  Monday 8th May 2017, 20:23:31

  I thought I would not like it.  But using it, it looks a lot better. I cannot wait for it.
Few things:
- Any way to track data for each name/trip?  That could be good info for the profile when you hover over the avatars.
- Would be neat to see all posts for user, like: user.php/Fred#e84d78 ==> would diplay all your posts. 

Alexander Liebrecht  Friday 12th May 2017, 12:00:30

Hi Fred,

Looks quite ingenious and worth seeing the new Flatboard Forum and I would be for you to implement it so.

By the way thank you for the RC1 and the new update. G-Analytics I have already brought to the run and look times, which everything there will be on stats in it.

You had once mentioned something of the forum part "Blog".

Did that still on your ToDo list or how it looks with it. We users are always happy when new forum features are available and also give you your feedback smile

Fred#3c4613  Saturday 13th May 2017, 19:20:30

  I do not have anything planned for the moment concerning the search by author, knowing that anonymous can post on Flatboard, the research and in my opinion therefore very limited because the anonymous have an automatically generated Nickname.
  A user had asked if I would share the plugin "Page", on which I answered that I was going to update it and that I had planned a blog option.
Will have to be patient because it is on my todolist, but not for now wink