I see new design here in the forum?

I see new design here in the forum?
Alexander Liebrecht Saturday 20th May 2017, 12:40:37

Hello @Fred,
I see here forum today new design and when can you install it in the forum? Or do you still think about RC 2 and then new design?
That would interest me now.
Otherwise, the new forum design looks very good and makes something in the forum. I like this very much wink

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Fred  Saturday 20th May 2017, 18:27:09

Hi Alexander,
The new design and the new features of it are planned for RC2 Flatboard.
Delighted that you like it 😎

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AlexanderLiebrecht  Saturday 20th May 2017, 18:32:47

Ok, thanks for the information and I am immensely happy to install the new design. Since I have enough patience, because fun makes flatboard forum in any case smile