Shariff (social share)

Shariff (social share)
Fred#4346f29d Friday 2nd June 2017, 20:19:31

Shariff enables website users to share their favorite content without compromising their privacy.
Facebook, Google+ and Twitter supply official sharing code snippets which quietly siphon personal data from all page visitors. Shariff enables visitors to see how popular your page is on Facebook and share your content with others without needless data leaks.

Download: (1.5 Ko)
2018/01/24 - Version 2.1.1:
* [+] Update script in last version
* [-] Remove backend (impossible to make it work)
2017/06/02 - Version 1.0.2:
* [+] cache folder
* [+] added backend url in configuration
2017/06/02 - Version 1.0:
* Initial version
Last modified: Wednesday 24th January 2018, 09:44:36

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AlexanderLiebrecht  Friday 2nd June 2017, 22:00:10

Hi @Fred und big Thanks for the Plugin smile
I have installed it manually with Shariff Backend because of the share counts. Your plug-in solution is, of course, also welcome, if someone is afraid of a manual installation.
Since the view.php is overwritten with new files, I can also put on this plugin. That would be dear to me and will give you accordingly the feedback.

AlexanderLiebrecht  Friday 2nd June 2017, 22:04:29

Sorry, But very strange again. The ZIP file can not be opened. I have tried it with WinZip. Hm .. why you can not open it, I can not tell you. Can you check this again?
Thanks in advance.

Fred#4346f29d  Friday 2nd June 2017, 23:36:35

Download page is fixed, try again and sorry for this mistake.

AlexanderLiebrecht  Saturday 3rd June 2017, 00:16:08

I tried all Unzip tools, but it did not work. Other plugins from the downloads but I can open easily, but this is not. Can you please look again and thanks in advance.
Can other users open the file. No one is registered here yet smile

Tasy#5e2c578c  Saturday 3rd June 2017, 07:36:44

Thank you for the plugin, Fred!
Same problem here : when I donwload the "" file, it's only a 137 bytes file that I get (same issue with the "" file available from the page which gives me a 137 bytes archive, but the "" from gives me the correct 1.71 MB archive which works fine). It's strange because others plugins from the page like scrollToTop are OK for downloading.

Fred#4346f29d  Saturday 3rd June 2017, 11:55:46

Yes it is strange that from one day to the next some files can not be downloaded correctly.
I just changes my download file, normally it should there be any problems.
Thank you for your feedback and try to download again.

Tasy#5e2c578c  Saturday 3rd June 2017, 13:58:26

The download of the Shariff plugin and of the Flatboard archive from the download page are now working. Thanks again!

AlexanderLiebrecht  Saturday 3rd June 2017, 14:07:12

Hi @Fred,
Everything was great again and you did a good job.
I could just install the plugin, which is also nice to watch.
So now every forum reader can share exciting content with his friends;)