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Fred#4346f29d Monday 12th June 2017, 22:13:14

Flatboard v.1.0.1

Changelog v1.0.1 - Release date: 2017-06-29
* 💢Fix atom feeds if forum is private. Feeds access is now forbidden if not logged (28/06/2017).
* Some templates change & optimizations (27/06/2017).
* [+] BLOG (23/06/2017).
New blog.php file with new parameter. Select a forum in configuration to get your blog link in sidebar and display the blog page! The number of display is the same parameter to the rest of pagination forum.
* [+] Icons picker based on Font Awesome. (It will be necessary to save again the forum)
* [+] Last post date in forum category list (22/06/2017).
* Tag manager improvement (22/06/2017).
* 💢Fix order last post in forums list (22/06/2017).
* 💢Fix old forum category name fallback.
* 💢Fix ajax scrolling in index (24/06/2017).
* Fast form topic and reply only (add forum in other page for support icon picker).

DOWNLOAD: flatboard_latest.zip (1.8 MB)

From the end of the month (June), I would have much less time for the developement of Flatboard.


After several versions and user feedback, the first stable version of Flatboard is released.
A lot of features are integrated, which makes Flatboard, a forum without a database quite complete.
Thank you again for your feedback and good installation or update.
Read the documentation and create a backup of your data BEFORE updating.

Changelog v1.0 Final - Release date: 2017-06-12
* Bug fix:  Control the availability of the theme, to avoid blank pages
* [+] New TAG system, ability to add/remove tags directly in config.
* [+] New private forum option in general config, possibility to display entire forum in staff only.
* [+] New Template (private.tpl, login.tpl).
* [+] Add last edit topic &  reply date. (request thread)
* Some UI change on index last messages list.
* Empty mail in post 🐞 bug fix.
* 🐞 Plugin list error if not lang available (Fixed with default lang en-EN)
* More plugins changes
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Fred#4346f29d Thursday 29th June 2017, 20:05:56

New version out!
Good installation or update.

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