Fred#4346f29d Wednesday 9th August 2017, 23:14:40

Add Automatic “Nofollow” tag to all external links on your Flatboard forum.

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2017/08/10 - Version 1.0:
* initial version
Last modified: Thursday 28th September 2017, 11:08:08

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AlexanderLiebrecht  Thursday 10th August 2017, 03:45:24

Thanks for the new plugin and it works fine with me.

So I expected something and now it is there smile

With NoFollow I want to have it because Google and Co., because I always link own projects. Google is not supposed to think that I create in the forum backlinks for my projects.

So this idea came up with the NoFollow attribute for the Flatboard Forum. Now it has been realized. Thanks again.

Fred#4346f29d  Thursday 10th August 2017, 09:52:49

No problem, but look at the code of the plugin, it is simplistic to reproduce to integrate other JavaScript stuff.
Last modified: Thursday 10th August 2017, 09:53:30

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