User Span / Styling from Admin Menu

User Span / Styling from Admin Menu
hmmy Wednesday 16th August 2017, 21:27:51

Hi Fred,

Request was an idea from this topic.  The plugin could add the Pseudo (including trip) as a user span.  Then in the admin menu you can add a css to the username similar to the tag feature flatboard has.   Then someone like BerryK could make users as "Verified" or change his name how he would like. 

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Fred#4346f29d  Wednesday 16th August 2017, 22:46:43

Like this? smile
It will therefore be necessary to respect the format of the nickname#password, to add an option in the tags to display it or not in the titles of a discussion.
I love this idea, thank 👍🏻
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hmmy  Thursday 17th August 2017, 23:35:04

Exactly what I was going for, below is what I meant.  How does this work?  Can you add in custom groups / css?  Screen shot from admin menu would be nice.

'Fred" => '<span class="donated">output</span>'
'hmmy" => '<span class="verified">output</span>'
'name#trip" => '<span style="color: #f99; background: #000; padding: 6px">output</span>'

Not needed though, as you can replace text like below.

.name!trip span {  display: none;}.name!trip:after {  content: 'new name here';color: red;font-size:9000px;}

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Fred#4346f29d  Thursday 17th August 2017, 23:43:34

  I use the Tags configuration, just extends in user trip.
I'm work for this feature and the name search, because PHP don't get the fucking # in trip.

Fred#4346f29d  Saturday 19th August 2017, 10:42:26

I am obliged to review the separator between the username and the password in order to use it at best afterwards.
Currently the hash character # is unrecoverable in php in a query, request or a get_url (edit, search...).
So I replace the # with @ to be reusable desire for further development.

If you have a better suggestion to suggest in place of the arobase @.
Last modified: Saturday 19th August 2017, 10:45:05

hmmy  Monday 21st August 2017, 20:09:46

  Should update infomrational text by Pseudo:

"There is no need to “register”, just enter the same name#password of your choice every time, or leave blank for anonymous post. Your password will be displayed encrypted and hashed to visitors for security reasons!"

Fred  Tuesday 22nd August 2017, 08:51:35

  Yes, langs pack update! Thank wink

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