Update to 1.02

Update to 1.02
751327c0 Saturday 23rd September 2017, 17:27:51

I am trying to update because in Notifcations, it says I need to update to 1.02. I have tried numerous times to replace my files, delete the plugins and cache files in themes and no luck. It still displays the same notification. I am using 120822 is the latest current version it says. I have downloaded the version from this page which shows it's 1.02 http://flatboard.free.fr/download.php

here is the screenshot of my flatboard notification center

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Fred  Saturday 23rd September 2017, 21:57:56

What you see in number in the init.php file on line 14 please?
Hmm actually I forgot to remove the build number at the end of the version number, which I use in the beta testing.
The archive is updated, thank for your feedback.

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jmonroe  Sunday 24th September 2017, 04:36:00

Thanks for the information. I will ignore the notification for now.