How to change date posted?

How to change date posted?
613c11e7 Friday 25th May 2018, 21:26:13

I've been trying to migrate over my posts and replies from my previous forum that also used a flat file database.  I want to have the original post and reply dates show in the new forum.  I  made changes inside the data>>topic and reply files but the post/replies still show the recent date and not the original date.  If I make a modification to the topic/reply and change the date inside the topic/reply files the last modified date works just fine but not the .  Is there a way to change the posted/replied date to a previous date?  


Last modified: Wednesday 30th May 2018, 20:15:29

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131be4ef  Thursday 9th August 2018, 19:11:31

Not sure why you would mark this as resolved as it still isn't working for me.  I don't know how to explain it any easier than wanting to change the dates to previous years when the posts were originally posted instead of having them show a current date of posting.

75684aba  Thursday 9th August 2018, 22:57:56

I tried to delete this post as I figured it out but couldn't.  You were right it works fine if you remember to change all the file names to the same name as the date stamp and make sure if there are no replies that you don't place the date stamp inside the reply array which is what I did. Will I be alright in leaving the setting to false for future posts?  Sorry for my impatience and I now look forward to manually migrating over my previous forum to the flatboard one.

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