Flatboard 3

Flatboard 3
Fred Monday 11th May 2020, 09:25:21

=== 3.0 - Release date: 2020-XX-XX ===
🐛[Fix] Fix null in PHP7.4 version treated as an array
🐛[Fix] Fix select forum order on newthread modal
[New] Add session storage for pseudo + Mail
[New] Welcome user + avatar (Need plugin activate)
🐛[Fix] Logout worked with users
[New] User && Staff post without captcha verification
[New] Users can edit/delete old posts (Yeah!)
[New] Ability to create forums visible only for staff.
[New] Add BBcode Hide
[Add] Language strings
[New] Rebuild Identicon plugin without dependencies (Fast efficient).
🐛[Fix] Pinned post in blog page.

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